We have developed a COVID-SAFE plan and accordingly have implemented policies and procedures for your safety.

We aim to enhance existing communication, training, auditing and record keeping processes to assist health professionals in targeted testing, ensuring compliance with relevant privacy regulations.

We recommend potential guests who are in the “at-risk” groups are aware of risk mitigation strategies.

We recommend social distancing in all areas of our complex as per the Queensland health rules.

We have enhanced cleaning and hygiene procedures in line with contemporary practice, to comply with our obligations always. Staff and guests are encouraged to frequently and effectively wash their hands, and all have access to hand hygiene products.

Our facilities will comply with government health regulations specific to those functions.

Families who share a residence are counted the same as one individual.

We seek to pre-screen in line with identified public health processes.

Staff and Guests are advised that if they have any symptoms potentially consistent with COVID-19, the health advice is that they should see and doctor and stay home.