Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge
Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge
Chillagoe Observatory and Eco Lodge
Chillagoe is located in dry savannah country, making it the perfect location for stargazing. With its expansive clear, dark skies, you'll wonder at the spectacle of the Milky Way with its multitudes of stars.

We have a fully equipped dome & 2 large telescopes so everyone can take a closer look at planets, nebulas & star clusters.
Our host will take you on a guided tour of the heavens & captivate your minds & imaginations with many interesting stories & facts.
This is a fun & educational evening for all ages.
The Observatory is open from Easter until the end of September. Astronomy sessions begin at 8.00pm & last for about an hour depending on numbers attending. Pricing is as follows:-

ADULTS - $25.00
CHILDREN (6-14yrs) - $15.00
*Children under 6yrs are not suited to viewing through telescopes as they have not developed fully the ability to observe monocularly (through one eye).

We require a minimum of 4 persons for a session & can take a maximum of 20 persons per session.
Bookings are absolutely essential & can only be made at reception.

** Please note - sessions are weather dependant. As we are an actual observatory - not just a planetarium - if there is cloud cover, we cannot see through the telescopes.
Sessions will not be held during periods of a full moon as this will "wash out" the Milky Way & the many other faint, deep space objects that we observe. If you are visiting us particularly to experience an astronomy session - please check dates below.

FULL MOON WILL OCCUR ON THESE DATES IN 2019. PLEASE NOTE THAT ASTRONOMY SESSIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON THESE DATES. (TBA)                                                                                                                                                                        

CURRENTLY CLOSED - END OF SEASON                                   

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